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  • Inovative learning environments

    Tags: Innovative Learning environments, ILE, OECD

  • OECD Work on Technology and Education

    Tags: Innovative Learning environments, ILE, OECD, LCN, Learning and Change Networks

  • Innovative Learning Environments

    Innovative Learning Environments

    Exploring the intersection of pedagogy, curriculum, technology and space. Designing new spaces for student-centred, future-focused learning.

    Tags: modern learning environments, innovative learning environments, inclusive learning environments, inclusive practice, open learning spaces, architecture, school design, collaboration, pedagogy

  • Innovative Learning Environment Coaches

    Innovative Learning Environment Coaches

    The purpose of this group is for staff members who have been assigned as e-Learning / Innovative Learning Environment coaches or e-Learning / Innovative Learning Environment leaders to collaborate on research-informed, effective approaches to facilitate future-focused learning design. Why reinven...

    Tags: innovative learning environments, e-Learning coach, e-Learning Leader, integration