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  • Why 3D printers?

    Tags: technology, 3D printer, inspiration, innovation, invention, creativity

  • Darylle Lawler

    I am passionate about leading and learning. I live in a rural New Zealand town and see the possibilities of net-worked learning together. I am at present studying at Waikato and Massey Universities as well as Teaching full-time.  I have a full life with a wonderful family of daughters and grandc...

    Skills: Experience, innovation, problem solving, leadership, Fairness, caring.

  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and Mentoring

    Kia ora koutou This group is for those teachers and leaders who want to continue to develop and support their coaching and mentoring practices. There will be tools, video clips and resources shared, as well as regular discussion topics that you can also initiate. There will also be opportunities...

    Tags: coaching, mentoring, innovation, learning, leadership

  • Tim Thatcher

    Hod Visual Art, ELearning type person, artist

    Tags: Art, running, the future, innovation

  • New Group: Teacher-led Innovation Fund

      Teacher-led Innovation Fund NEW: Visit this new VLN group, which  has been set up to discuss the Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TLIF).  

    Tags: teacher, innovation, group

  • Lynne Silcock

    I am passionate about assistive technology and the ways that a variety of standard technologies can be used to support a wide range of students in any classroom. I believe that the combination of technology and universal design for learning has a huge potential to help many students who currently...

    Skills: Leadership, teaching and facilitating, innovation, research, strategic planning

  • Rural Principals' Conference - Havelock North

    Rural & Remote Project Principals presented to conference this afternoon. They shared their stories of collaboration, the successes, challenges and learning journey. Check out their presentation - some links included so 'mouse over' each slide to find & follow the links.

    Tags: rural schools, collaboration, innovation, online learning

  • Innovation and Financial Capability

    "…innovation floats on a sea of inquiry and curiosity is a driver for change." Timperley, Kaser & Halbert Upper Harbour Sorted Schools Learning Community Background: A group of nine schools and a tertiary institution collaborated to embed Financial Capability&...

    Tags: financial capability, money, innovation, enterprise, collaborative

  • REVITALISATION POST: Digital Teacher Planners

    Join us in this discussion as we rethink teacher planning digitally, so that our planning can be transparent, adaptable and collaborative. We'll also touch on digital tools to help teach in collaborative, innovative spaces.

    Tags: digital, planners, teaching, innovation, modern, learning, collaboration

  • REVITALISATION POST: Innovation in the classroom

    In this discussion we have a challenge/wero for you, to share what innovation in learning looks like in your classroom or school.

    Tags: innovation, classroom, school, ideas, practice, examples, challenge, crowd-sourced