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  • FORUM: Digital technologies in the national curriculum,

    In this forum we'll unpack some of the key ideas and resources around understanding computational thinking page, digital technologies, digital fluency and more.

    Tags: digital, technologies, fluency, curriculum, resources, ideas, computational

  • FORUM: Project-Based Learning

    We profile some more exciting resources and practical examples of project based learning with key themes around; solving real world problems, collaborative communities examples of financial capability, enterprise and PREP.

    Tags: prep, enterprise, problem, based, learning, authentic, resources, ideas, examples

  • REVITALISATION POST: Innovation in the classroom

    In this discussion we have a challenge/wero for you, to share what innovation in learning looks like in your classroom or school.

    Tags: innovation, classroom, school, ideas, practice, examples, challenge, crowd-sourced

  • How can Computational Thinking be infused into Māori Medium contexts for learning?

    Join us as we share some ideas and resources for ways in which we might integrate Hangarau Matihiko in English Medium and kura kaupapa Māori settings.

    Tags: digital, technologies, hangarau, matihiko, teachers, kaiako, classroom, ideas

  • DISCUSSION POST: CLA resource bank for sustainability

    Join us as we start a new discussion thread and shine a light on some rich resources and updates from Connected Learning Advisory and invite you to share some of your own.

    Tags: CLA, connected, learning, advisory, resource, bank, shared, ideas

  • Literacy Explorations with Poetry.

    Literacy Explorations with Poetry.

    Taking the unknowns of poetry, the fun, the quick ways to explore literary devices, and discover voice and passion in your writing. Tips and resources from a teacher who writes poetry with pupils. Poetry brings out intensity and emotion and can help other areas of writing come alive. The shorter ...

    Tags: poetry, poems, literacy, writing, tips, themes, topics, literary-devices, literacy, ideas, schools, pupils, spoken-word, literature, style, genre, rhythm, learning, blogging,