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  • First-time Principals Programme

    First-time Principals Programme

    This is an opportunity for new principals, and those who wish to support new principals, to share ideas and information. A particular focus at the moment is preparing principals, in...

  • English Online

    English Online

    This group is for teachers who have an interest in sharing their ideas, resources and issues on specific topics related to teaching English.

  • Literacy Online

    Literacy Online

    This group is for teachers who have an interest in sharing ideas, resources and issues related to developing teaching and learning programmes for the literacy needs of their learners.

  • Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    ...;our face to face discussions we have created this on-line community. As members of this community we are able to: post questions; share ideas; share resources and ask for...

  • Chisnallwood Intermediate School

    Chisnallwood Intermediate School

    ...p Discussions Area for some great starter material for our dialogue and debate Please use the Group blog to post a comment, ask a question, share ideas ...

  • Leading The Authentic Learning

    Leading The Authentic Learning

    Fellow leaders of learning (yes all of you) Join our discussions and share your practical ideas for authentic learning contexts that focus on hands-on leadership utilizing real-life meaningful and purposeful experiences.

  • Silverstream School

    Silverstream School

    A group for Silverstream School to share meeting notes, resources, ideas, calendars, all with a blended e-learning focus.

  • Blended e-Learning Literacy

    Blended e-Learning Literacy

    ...s or expand in this in the Group blog. Remember, the best way to learn something is to teach it, so be active in this space and contribute your ideas to enrich the practice of all...

  • Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    ...nd interest are welcome, whether you're a beginner wondering where to start, or an expert wondering where to next. Share ideas, issues, questions, steal others' ideas! If you have any questions...

  • Year 5 to 8 teachers unite!

    Year 5 to 8 teachers unite!

    A group for Year five to eight teachers to share ideas and resources and discuss teaching and learning.