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  • Cyber Smart

    Cyber Smart

    As a school we are navigating the path of teaching our students how to be smart on the internet in our recently added LMS.  Thought I'd add resources and ideas as we go and things we've learnt.  Would love it if you shared your experiences too.

  • Video resources for PD

    Video resources for PD

    ...kes a massive amount of effort to ensure relationships are strong and trusting, the environment is safe, innovation and the exploration of diverse ideas is supported, and risk taking...

  • Educational Leaders Reference Group

    Educational Leaders Reference Group

    ...bers provide advice on possible improvements and enhancements, and ensure that the site "meets the needs of school leaders to find information and ideas that help them to solve day-t...

  • Westland collaborative knowledge

    Westland collaborative knowledge

    This is a place for educators to ask questions, share ideas, celebrate success, and build connections within Westland and beyond.  

  • Inquiry Learning

    Inquiry Learning

    A group for those involved in Inquiry learning to share and discuss issues, successes, ideas, resources and strategies

  • NEN Trial

    NEN Trial

    ...o share information, communicate to all schools at once and post research reports as they are completed. This is also a space for schools to share ideas and resources, ask questions...

  • Specialist Classroom Teachers (SCT)

    Specialist Classroom Teachers (SCT)

    A group for Specialist Classroom Teachers to ask questions, share information, ideas and strategies.  

  • QR Codes in Education

    QR Codes in Education

    A space to share ideas for utilising QR Codes in Education 

  • Alternative Education

    Alternative Education

    I would to connect with others working in Alternative Education Centres.  I consider this could be a meeting place to discuss issues, share ideas and resources, or just vent out frustrations or celebrations!

  • St Peter's School

    St Peter's School

    ...nning and visioning - Why do we need this? Where are we going? Why do we do what we do? A space to start thinking about 'The Why? and to share our ideas.  Google Apps for Ed...