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  • Peter Potter

    About me: ...k for Watchdog in the South Island and also facilitate Myportfolio tasters with the Ministry.  I have facilitated and worked extensively with ICTPD Clusters to raise e-capability and ge...

  • Philip Buchanan

    About me: ...amating with the local primary school. I am also PL leader, Network Manager, ICT PD leader, Lead teacher for Volcanic Cluster (& VLN-C), Lead teacher for Rotorua Lakes ICTPD Cluster, Assessment & Reporting Manag...

  • Andrew McKay

    About me: I teach science and Physics at Timaru Girls' High and am one of the lead teachers for our school in our third year of ICTPD cluster, Timnet. 

  • John Phelps

    About me: I am a facilitator with a number of ICTPD Clusters includingI-Connect and Digital Daze 2.0.

  • Michael Boddy

    About me: I am the Facilitator for the Town and Country ICTPD Cluster in the Palmerston North area. I am also the Lead Teacher at Kairanga School and I enjoy the challenge of inspiring others to become Digital Learners.

  • Kaharoa School

    About me: Kaharoa School is a rural school in Rotorua.  We have around 200 students and from NE to Year 8.  We are part of the Town and Country Rotorua ICTPD cluster.

  • Tony Greer

    About me: Tony is the Deputy Principal at Lytton Street School in Feilding. He has previously been an ICTPD Cluster coordinator.  

  • Mandy Dempsey

    About me: ...eer - working for eTime for the past 2 and a half years, working with ICTPD clusters and assisting schools in the...adoption of Ultranet LMS. Currently loving working with the Kura Iwa Cluster who are a fabulous group of 9...

  • Peter Hills

    About me: Been around in this space for along time - a very long time.  Started the first ICTPD cluster and am in 2 currently - as a school and a region. Passionate about education and the opportunity that online communities can offer.      

  • Helen Morgan

    Brief description: I am a Mathematics teacher at Rotorua Lakes High School. We are part of an ICTPD cluster, and I am the Lead Teacher for our school.