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  • CONGRATULATIONS to the organisers of the Whangarei eLearning Cluster Vision Day! Great keynote speaker - Andrew Churches - great breakouts!

  • working with the almighty Bara/SPC cluster to review our milestone report (and its comments)

  • Check out the Whakatu Cluster Film Festival 2011 www.kidscanfilm.blogspot.com....and make a comment. thanks

  • Lates updates for ICT PD cluster documentation can be found @ /pg/groupcms/view/44787/

  • A powerful conversation for ICT PD cluster leaders - not to be missed @ http://fizurl.com/technophobes

  • At Link Learning Cluster meeting in Nelson :)

  • I am in a cluster meeting :)

  • Discussing future options for cluster development

  • I'm off to do a digital citizenship workshop with the Coalface cluster today. Can't wait! http://fizurl.com/huntlydc

  • Yesterday was very refreshing!!!LOL well our cluster were refreshing the breakout booking systme ALL day!!! refresh!!