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  • Welcome back to Term 2 everyone. Keep an eye out for up-coming events from the Enabling e-Learning community groups @ http://bit.ly/Q45LLZ

  • Each Enabling e-Learning group now has its own Twitter hashtag: #eTeach, #eLead, #ePLD, and #eTechs - good way to stay connected in the #vln

  • finding new spaces for learning at school. Or is it changing the existing ones?

  • Check out the recent DNZ12 report on gaming in NZ households>new post in Game-based learning: Are you playing? http://bit.ly/Kwj5n8

  • We're looking for your feedback on Enabling e-Learning. Please take some time to complete this survey http://bit.ly/eelsurvey

  • ICT Minister Amy Adams announced 11 more schools in Christchurch to be connected to UFB. Enabling e-Learning newsfeed http://bit.ly/zZSQxj

  • Check out this neat infographic for creating online courses >> eTeacher Professional Learning Resource http://bit.ly/GStJCe

  • Don't miss out on the next FREE e-learning webinar @ http://www.elearning.tki.org.nz/News/Enabling-e-Learning-webinars

  • Held assembly based on ideas collected from a discussion we started on Enabling Learning about Facebook.It went really well.Thanks to all!

  • Learning in the cloud http://ow.ly/pMzV6 > new article in the Ed Gazette cc @N4L @NetSafeNZ