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  • Using iPADs, touch screens and PC notebooks to enhance learning in high school science and biology lessons. I am a beginner.

  • Here's your weekly Enabling e-Learning digest: http://bit.ly/zU5cTt. Join the main Enabling e-Learning group to get it sent in your inbox:-)

  • Loving the links between Registered Teacher Criteria and the e-Learning Planning Framework http://bit.ly/ljgZBz

  • Look out for upcoming e-learning events for Term 1 @ /pg/blog/read/310946/enabling-elearning-events-term-1

  • Interested in how e-learning can support mathematics? Why not join the e-Learning in Primary Mathematics group @ http://bit.ly/17IG5IP

  • Wishing I could bookmark a site to multiple groups at once- iPad, Link Learning, BYOD groups- all relevant.

  • Catch up on our recent webinars - how to use the VLN, and online prof learning >>/pg/groupcms/view/187012/

  • Wow, another great e-learning weekly update @ http://bit.ly/JoZ0y1 A rich variety of activity across the communities.

  • A recording of yesterday's live workshop, 'Online professional learning for leaders and learners' can be found here>> http://bit.ly/vnAX8G

  • Not too late to sign up for today's webinar>>What does online professional learning look like for learners / leaders? http://bit.ly/ADnmKe