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  • Singing and ICT in Science lesson with Mrs. Gray: work in progress

    What an exciting starter to Mrs. Gray's Science Class. She needed the students to remember subject-based knowledge. So rather than setting the students traditional formative assessment, she used power point and taught the students how to sing through the information they need to learn. This...

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  • PD day for Social Studies

    Our Social Studies Faculty will be spending a day off site at the National Library to work on their Teaching and Learning documents for 2013.    The purpose of this day is for Social Studies teachers to discuss how they will address ICT in Year 9 Social Studies when the Yr9 studen...

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  • E-learning embedded into Teaching and Learning Charter

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  • Teachers Hold the Real Keys to Whiteboard Effectiveness

    http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2011/06/15/35mm-whiteboards.h30.html?tkn=QNCHGHOtI817meTf3DmDhLU5VbQj9%2FHRywtT&cmp=clp-sb-ascd An interesting read..... great plug for PD.  We are so blessed having the ICT PD Cluster available to us.  

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  • Baradene Religious Studies Department Use of ICT

    In our department we are using ICT in various ways. Throughout the year levels we have used Prezi, powerpoint and youtube to show videos and presentations in order to enhance learning. The ultranet is used so that the students can ask questions of their teachers or send in files or websites that...

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  • Planning ICT in teaching and learning at Baradene

    Briefing Presentation 2309113.pptx This is a presentation I did with my colleagues Wendy Malone (Assistant Head of Social Sciences) and Verity Davidson (Head of Performing Arts) during briefing last week. My aims were to showcase some projects which I had been involved with but also to speak abo...

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  • Ten Minutes Radio Station with year 9 Performing Arts

    This was part of an internal assessment given to 4 classes of year 9 Performing Arts. I taught students how to use and edit their recording clips on audacity. It was a great success - students loved being pro-active with their learning - lots of creativity through ICT.

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  • Baradene Teachers Featured in Interface Magazine

    Three of our teachers; Rebekah Pearson, Sally Pulham and Nicola Beehuizen were featured in Interface Magazine Issue 34, Term 3 October 2011.  A great plug for Baradene.  Well done ladies!

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  • Combining SCT role with e.learning

    This is an example of how I combined my SCT role with e.learning. Miss Moore is a first year PRT teacher for RE at Baradene. We discussed how we could plan the lesson on initiation into Catholic Sacraments using e.learning. Together we came up with the idea of filmin...

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  • Updated Log Term 3 Denise

    My contact periods of e.learning for term 3.

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