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  • 2011 Milestone templates 4 and 6

    Milestone templates (4 and 6) are now published in their final form (click on links or download attached). Support on how to complete these is found in the milestone templates themselves.  Milestone 4 template 2011     Milestone 6 template '11 Regional milestone 4 template 201...

    Tags: ict pd, ict pd, milestones, ict

  • ICT and e-learning re-visited!

    I held a staff meeting recently with the title the same as this blog post! The aims of the meeting were to give the staff time to reflect on their e-learning and ICT use this year as well as to bring it back into the forefront of their minds. Alongside this were some new ideas to have a go and tr...

    Tags: e-learning, ict, somerset

  • Baradene Religious Studies Department Use of ICT

    In our department we are using ICT in various ways. Throughout the year levels we have used Prezi, powerpoint and youtube to show videos and presentations in order to enhance learning. The ultranet is used so that the students can ask questions of their teachers or send in files or websites that...

    Tags: religious studies, secondary, ict, prezi, Ultranet, Faithcentral

  • Student Voice

    The TeKids at Terrace End have made significant progress in both their confidence and skill in using a variety of ICT tools to enhance their learning. In fact, several of these students are now actively using them to complete homework tasks and add them to their page on our class wiki: http:...

    Tags: student voice, tekids, tech angels, ict, thinking, graphic organisers

  • Beyond the experts

    It has been incredibly rewarding watching our TeKids grow and develop as leaders and thinkers within both the Cluster and our school. However, the trick is in not just having a few holding all the knowledge, but being able to infuse this across the school. At present, this has been highly success...

    Tags: ict, digital citizenship, leadership, students, learners, tekids

  • ICT for Teaching and ICT for Learning: They are not the same

    Articles (non-peer reviewed)ICT for Teaching and ICT for Learning: They are not the same (HTML) ResourceRobert Douglas - Howick College Overview In 2010 I suggested that ICT in schools can be considered as having three distinct but overlapping roles. These are ICT for school administration, ICT...

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  • Should Boards of Trustees have a minimum ICT standard when employing staff?

    Recently a colleague and I noticed a post on a mailing list that was quite adamant that BoT's should no longer employ people who cannot "do ICT" in the classroom. Our conversation then turned to two questions. What ICT skills should schools look for in new staff? And, should there be a minimum IC...

    Tags: leadership, recruitment, teachers, skills, enabling elearning, ict

  • What Makes for Effective Teacher Professional Development in ICT?

    Publication Details Since 1999, the Ministry of Education has provided funding for clusters of schools to develop three year ICT professional development programmes for their teachers. 23 clusters were initially approved in 1999. This evaluation of the initial clusters between 1999 and 2001 focu...

    Tags: teacher, professional, development, ict

  • New Zealand Education Review | 'ICT and Procurement' edition

    1 November 2011 edition:  ICT and procurement is the central theme, and it includes articles on software, online communities, interactive whiteboards, iPads as assistive technology and cloud-based solutions. Worth a browse over coffee. [Thanks to Gerard MacManus for flagging that this ...

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