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  • Stoke

    Stoke School Cybersafety Use Agreement acceptable Use Policy For Primary Students...lease keep for future reference.   * The word ‘parent’ used her...people.   I will not tell anyone my password. If...

  • Resources/research on BYOD

    Here are some resources I've found about BYOD or 1:1 computing.  They aren't in any p...omputing - impact on Mathematics and Science in secondary schools Xaverian's blog on iPad use...

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  • ICT PD needs

    Please rank these in order of priority for your teaching needs by writing 1(want the most),2,3,4,5 next to each focus. RSS feeds 1 Google docs 2 Ultranet 3 Photo presentation packages ipad ipod itunes imovie prezi twitter uspace skype digistore blogs wikis web pages  

  • St Mary's Teachers featured in National Publications

    Questions for Interface Magazine     Judith Smallbo...veryday! My next would be the ipads, and I think these are the s.... We are just starting to use ipads with our ORRs students this...r reading, but need some more ipads or ipods... 6. What would b...ws lots techie stuff! Also by word of mo...

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  • The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    Student artwork from schools has been on show at one of the Ministry of Education's head office buildings in Well...l need to obtain written consent from their students. Student consent form (Word 25KB)...

  • iPad/iPod User Group

    iPad/iPod User Group

    We are using the VLN group to discuss iPad and iPod Touch use in an educational context. We are a growing group. Places to look are the discussions, activity, blog and bookmarks.

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  • iPad app comparison: Literacy support with word prediction.

    By Coll O'Connor and Lynne Silcock   Word prediction can help reduce the number of keystrokes necessary for typing words and provides extra support for spelling, reading and editing.   Word prediction software predicts a required word as a student writes, producing a lis...

    Tags: iPad, iPad word prediction, word prediction, iWordQ; iReadWrite, CoWriter, Clicker Docs, Abilipad, Spellbetter