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  • I want documents on my school laptop to save into my iCloud so that I can access them on my iPad - how do I do this??

  • I wonder who will be the 1000th member of the iPad group?

  • Congratulations to Nicki Harding, 1000th member of the iPad group. A little gift is ready to send your way. :-)

  • Phonics Apps for New Entrant Students I am new to iapds and am keen to trial some apps for learning phonics with my NE. Ideas please

  • Are you working with learners who are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder? Have a look at some of these Apps http://bit.ly/14T6GQu

  • Last chance to join us for the Google Apps webinar - https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2010234&password=M.F0FF69F4AD0E575B37DC13AEEDF66A

  • Enabling eLearning Google apps webinar on now! Follow Fiona Grant and Tania Coutts on Twitter >> #ePLD

  • Catch the recording & webinar notes & continue the discussion in our Google apps thread > /discussion/view/833766

  • Blogger on supervised iPads. Has anyone a solution why Blogger is not working on the School supervised/synced iPads but works on own iPad.

  • Hi all, Does anyone know why a short video emailed from an ipad to a blog can't be played at school. They can be viewed at home though.