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  • @karenm39 Great to see another EduCamp pop up! That's four in the series so far.Hands up, South Island? http://educampnz.wikispaces.com/home

  • @karenmelhuish Yes in my home, feel like I never leave LOL!

  • @karenmelhuish at home nothing on TV to watch!!

  • How do I get message board on my home page??

  • @camlockie Ooops, sorry, should have said that message boards are on people's personal pages, not your home dash. Would be good, tho, eh?

  • I'm in a meeting just setting up VLN at school.

  • Fires roaring & snow on the mountains in Ōtautahi! As much as I love summer, it's much easier working from home when it's freezing outside!

  • Wanting ideas or links to how to get children to see a purpose for learning to read and write when they only do this at school. HELP!!!

  • jillh@tiaho.school.nz

  • It looks like I'm on the home straight with milestone 3. Hooray!