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  • Willem de Beer

    Tags: Sailing, Travel, Aircraft, Vintage Cars, Technology, History

  • Tony Cairns

    I am passionate about teaching Science to all. I love learning and teaching my students. I am mad for books, games, DVDs, experiments, discovery and wonder. When I am not teaching or learning I sleep - not enough - but enough for me. I am blessed to be surrounded by strong colleagues, peers and m...

    Tags: Science, Arts, Culture, Genetics, Genealogy, Geneography, Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Nature of Science, History, Museology, Religious Studies, Technology, Future Planning, Swimming

  • Rachel Packard

    Social science and Physical Education teacher at Marlborough Girls College.

    Tags: BYOD, Social science, History, Physical education, Anatomy, Physiology

  • Renee Leckey

    Hi. I'm a SOS and History teacher at St Mary's Auckland. E-learning is pretty new to me and I'm hoping to learn a bit about it before I become as obsolete as an Atari 2600.

    Tags: SOS, History, reading, tramping.

  • Mary-Lou Davidson

    Tags: History, reading, family

  • Vanitha Govini

    Tags: Reading, History