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  • Simon Evans

    About me: ...NZ teachers using it. This stuff I know. I spend my days digging and searching for it. So you don't have to.  I hope to be in the conversations to help direct you, save you a bit of...

  • Tessa Gray

    About me: ...on's community of practice, edSpace. A big part of my role, is to help build a sense of community identity in the VLN community groups space. I'm here to help support partnerships within o...Brief description: Enabling e-Learning online facilitator. I'm excited about the prospects of the VLN and how it can bring like-minded people together online. I am here to help promote discussions and share effective practice.

  • JMKellow

    About me: I'm a teacher and  blended e-learning faciltator at the University of Waikato. I also work as an educational consultant for my company Inquiring Mind.Co. Inquiry-based learning is a passion of mine and I have developed a website to help teachers who are trying this approach in their classrooms.

  • Peter Potter

    About me: I help schools implement and get up and running with their LMS. I work for Watchdog in the South Island and also facilitate Myportfolio tasters with the Ministry.  I h...

  • Marielle Lange

    About me: ...th the slow adoption of technology within my work environment (departments of psychology), I decided to learn proper programming skills, to try and help make a difference from the ot...

  • Heath sawyer

    About me: Much of my work at present is focused around helping schools make sense of elearning. This mostly involves the implementation of LMS and ePortfolios into school practice. I'm current...

  • Anna

    About me: ...n up children how could this possibly be???? The passion for teaching and learning has been a teenage dream which has finally been made real by the help and support of my ever loving...

  • Jan Coleman

    About me: ...pite ( or is it because of?) this I am still passionate about learning for all - including myself. I value innovation and love hearing about and helping to shape programmes and le...

  • John Phelps

    Contact email: jphelps@techconcepts.co.nz

  • KathC

    About me: I am currently teaching new entrants at Otonga Primary School in Rotorua and am also an ICT lead teacher. I help lead 8 teachers implementing e-learning classes within the school. We have a ratio of 1:3 devises to children, and are using e-portfolios as our reporting to parents.