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  • Getting started on the VLN

    Getting started on the VLN

      Just arrived and not sure where to go now? Top 6 steps for getting started: 1.  Build your profile so we can get to know each other. Setting up your profile from Enabling e-Learning on Vimeo.   2.  Find people like you and build your professional network A profes...

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  • Starting out in the VLN

    Stage 1: How to start a group in the Virtual Learning NetworkThe VLN starts with you. It starts with sharing enough information about yourself to connect with others online.1. What does a full profile look like? To enable people to get a better idea of who you are online, you will need a full ...

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  • Prioritising groups

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  • Finding favourite groups

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  • Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)

    Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)

      Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)   The name "Te Ara" means "the pathway" and the name "Tūhāhā" means "be spaced' or "many"   The word "Tūhāhā" is normally associated with the saying "Rangi Tūhāhā" meaning the "be spaced heavens" or the many divisions or levels of heavens that are ...

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  • VLN: Primary iPad User Group

    The place to be to connect with other educators who are exploring the possibilities of the iPad for primary education.

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  • Groups migrate to sub groups

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  • Contribution 2 - Milestone 4 - Learning & Appraisal

    Appraisal at Rangitahi College - Proposal and Timeline PowerPoint to Implement Learning Teams/Appraisal programme at RC We have developed/revamped our Appraisal procedure - toward a developmental-learning-culture approach via peer reflection and group learning.  We see this as a pilot for ...

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  • Creating group spaces in the VLN

    Anyone who has signed up to the VLN, can create a group.  Currently, there are 550 groups across the VLN covering a wider range of educative needs. Some groups have a few members, others have more. Some are active, several are dormant and some are featured groups. Having a designated spa...

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