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  • Enabling e-Learning | What's on in Term 1 2015?

    ...vite us to join the community groups, engage with others and shar...ng e-Learning | Teaching group.    DISCUSSIO...Sign up for our free online workshops  All events can b...;The e-Learning Planning Framework revisted: March 25th, 3.45 -...

  • some good feedback

    It is so nice to get possitive feedback ... well done St Peters  From: "Margare...sible for Ultranet. I just thought I would drop you a quick note to commend the work being done by several of the...

  • Digital Citizenship

    Just added this as a group discussion but didn't work so perhaps will try here...I've been readin...tal citizenship I can see that we have much work to do in helping our communit...th their understandings of how children are working in online spaces and commu...

  • Teachers' Website of the Day

    This looks like a great idea - the next thing would be to be able to filter it, so actually a group in the VLN would be cool - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Teachers-Website-of-the-day/264535373593833?sk=wall

  • Guinea Pig class

    A Yr8 class at Tauranga Intermediate have been given 4 iPads for the year. Ready to g...e apps like a calculator, chalkboard etc. Going to try and use DropBox for kids work but haven't set up yet.

  • Welcome!

    Thanks for joining our group. We need to decide how best to use this space and whether we use this or the KC site for networking. I know how busy you all are and having two places would not be sensible. What are your thoughts about how best to use this space?

  • Tony Ryan's Visit to our School - Enner Glynn

        We had the privilege of having Tony Ryan work with our leadership team here...iples (lenses).  He also worked with us on our Curriculum p...walkthrough with us.  We worked with, and spoke to a number...more focussed learning model work with our learners (say a day...

  • Learning@Schools iPad links

    Anthony Wrights wiki outlining how he has been using iPads in his Year 6 classroom. Some great ideas. Love the iBra...dipods.wikispaces.com/ Paula's iPaddle wiki. Full of great ideas. Apps by Year grou...

  • Allanah King's Google Doc of Tony's Visit

    Click this link to view the Doc set up by Allanah.  It is good stuff and provide...cuments and resources on our Wiki...  Thanks Allanah If the link doesn't work, copy and paste the below add...

  • Ready to Roll with Online Classes

    This is crossposted from Bardwired Blogspot Taster class   Th.... These classes allow schools to get an inside look into how online classrooms work before they decide to make a...