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  • Get Organised with Google Calendar

    I have been using Google Calendar to set up a timetable for all our VLN Primary classes. So at a glance you can see everything that is on and contact & connection details. I was hopeful that Google Calendar would have the functionality to be able to schedule reminders to all the 'guests' link...

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  • GMail Scribbles

    Originally posted on Edublogs. Today Google updated their iOS 5 GMail app. After a disastrous app launch last month, Google have added a feature that extends GMail in a new and exciting way. They've added a feature called Scribbles that allows you to create and share doodles, drawings, hand drawn...

    Tags: google, gmail, ipad, ios5, ipod touch, iphone

  • A Google a Day

    Here is a nifty little package put together by Google.It is designed to get students researching, asking the right questions and engaging the mind with the array of material available on the web.   Here’s how to play a Google a day There's no right way to solve it, but there's onl...

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  • Where are we in the VLN?

    We’ve been talking a lot about Personalising learning for students lately on the VLN, and I’ve recently shared some ideas about Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule during ULearn14 in the presentation below. Judging from the following Google Analytics...

    Tags: google, analytics, site, statistics, community, activity, enabling e-learning

  • March 1st

    What an awesome day at Waipahihi School.  Thank you to the school for hosting our first meeting.  We had such a comfortable venue, and everyone felt welcome thanks to Kristin making us feel at home. The presentation slides are available to edit further if you wish.  We will be loo...

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  • Social Media


    Tags: Social Media, Facebook, Google, Education, Teachers, Educational Technology

  • Google literacy support extensions and apps

    To add Google extensions and apps go to the Chrome Web Store (‘Windows’ tab - ‘Extensions’ - scroll down to web store).   The extensions work from within your Chrome web browser (look at the top right hand side of your toolbar) and apps are found in your app lau...

    Tags: Google, extensions, apps, wordQ, thoughtQ, grammarly, Read&Write, Read & Write, readability, ginger, speakit, cowriter

  • CS-First Storytelling

    At Waihi East Primary School we have started running a Google Computer Science First (Google CS First) after school club twice a week beginning in early May 2015. Google have set up themes to help promote the teaching of programming (using Scratch) to students aged 9-14 years, for our clubs start...

    Tags: programming, CS-First, Google

  • Literacy support in Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

    New technologies we can provide students with flexible and personalised literacy supports that remove barriers to learning. These are especially critical as students move up the school levels where the impact of a reading or writing difficulty can limit access to content and the ability of a stud...

    Tags: Google, Google Chrome, GAFE, Google Apps for Education, literacy, literacy support