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  • Rakairoa Rikki Maraki

    Rakairoa Maraki (Walsh);  nick named Rik since I was 3 years and it has stuck. 

    Tags: children and their learning and learning /teaching. my whanau and especially supporting my 14 mokopuna. the arts - singing, dance, drama, etc, literacy, keeping fit, good food, gardening, nature, working on my home ...

  • KathleenOHare

    Principal at Maraeroa School.  Prior to winning the position at Maraeroa, I was one of two Deputy Principals at Brandon Intermediate.  Passionate about working in 'the Creek' - ie Cannons Creek.  Attended Russell School then moved on to Viard College, trained at Wellington College of Ed - first t...

    Tags: Sports - playing and watching, reading, good food, good wine and good friends

  • Sarah Drakefield

    I am a Technology/Home Economics/Hospitality teacher from Whanganui Girls' College. I am a mum of three boys and my husband is also a teacher. I like to get the students motivated and expose them to new experiences.

    Tags: Good food, good company and good entertainment.