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  • Principal Meetings

    Term 1 2012 1.Introduction to Trevor Bond Location: Mokoia Intermediate Date: Attended by: Anne Sturgess, Trevor Bond, Deborah Epp, Bruce Walker Anne Sturgess, national facilitator for cluster in 2011, hands over to Trevor Bond.  2. Meeting re Action Planning Location: Mokoia Intermed...

    Tags: goal 2, milestone 5, rotorua lakes cluster, rotorua lakes high school, mokoiaintermediate, rangitahi, whangamarino, principal's role

  • Principal's Leadership of eLearning

    End of Cluster Reflections, November 2012: It has been a privilege to be in the RLHS ICTPD cluster because it moved us forward in a professional, non-threatening way , with enjoyment in the mixs.  We, as a staff all gained including myself as Principal. Our list of ICT initiatives trialed,...

    Tags: rotorua lakes cluster, milestone 6, rangitahicollege, goal 2, goal 5, 2012

  • Phil Buchanan - Deputy Principal of Rangitahi College: Some observations:

    Some observations: Financial investment is critical to staff development as learning without tools is a waste of time and energy.  Careful selection of ICT tools and appropriate PD has resulted in widespread  use of new tools and growth in staff capability. Staff benefit most from...

    Tags: rotorua lakes cluster, milestone 6, rangitahicollege, goal 2, goal 5, 2012

  • Bruce Walker, Principal of Rotorua Lakes High School, Reflects on the Cluster

    Bruce Walker - Principal Rotorua Lakes High School and Co-Director of the Rotorua lakes High cluster: My Observations on the Lessons Learned During our 3 Years in the ICTPD Cluster Contract. The main lesson I learned is that you cannot assume how much people know about using ICT in teaching an...

    Tags: rotorua lakes cluster, milestone 6, rotorualakeshighschool, goal 2, goal 5, 2012

  • Using a Google Doc for Milestone 5

    Loving this! Sore eyes from staring at laptop the only down side. Ann has a cold so we were able to collaborate but I could sit out of breathing reach - lol! WONDERFUL to the see Bruce, our lead principaL, get on to the doc to fill in the budgeting information.

    Tags: rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes high school, mokoiaintermediate, google docs, milestone 5, goal 2

  • Interface Xpo

    Annemarie attended the Interface Xpo in Taupo. http://www.interfacexpo.co.nz/

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, milestone 5, goal 3, goal 2