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  • Dr Seuss, science teacher extraordinaire http://bit.ly/1kg7xlU // A great blog post from NZ Science Teacher for all levels ECE and up!


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  • Exploratorium

    The Exploratorium is an awesome site to visit - both online and in real life.  This is the original hands....  "Who are you?" tab allows you to enter as a teacher, a learner...or a geek!  Th...

  • Te Kura o Piki Kōtuku

    Te Kura   Te kura o Piki Kōtuku He kura pīpī paopa...i is humble, diligent and an amazing singer. She’s also the school tech geek....


  • Jo Fothergill

    I'm passionate about eLearning and very thankful that I have a boss who allows me explore and experiment in the classroom. I enjoy the learning opportunities when meeting, talking, tweeting & skyping with my PLN.   My research as part of my CORE eFellowship can be found here:  Li...

    Skills: geek extraordinaire, wannabe ukelele player