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  • robin ohia

    Interests: photography and playing rpg computer games...hehehe.

  • Judy Matthew

    About me: ...resources such as Time-based Art, Making Music; Into Music 3. Plus organising national school Arts competitions such as the Olympic and ParaOlympic Games Painting Competition.  

  • Andrew

    About me: ...w!  Runs (10 K in 55mins is my best this year) or is 5 K in under 30 better? Thanks Blokes Day Out triathlon. Plays football for Wakefield. ( First game April 2nd, (we lost 1-4.)  ...

  • Rachel Bolstad

    About me: ...ence education - education for enterprise - the role and potential of digital technologies in education - and most recently, digital and old-school game development approaches. ...

  • Shaun Wood

    About me: My name is Shaun Wood, I am a primary and intermediate teacher and passionate about e-learning, game based learning and environmental education.

  • Judy Lymbery

    About me: ...through the use of assitive technology. My interest (addiction) to using technology for learning has grown from there and I am now keen to see how Game based learning can support so...

  • Edwin McRae

    About me: A brain sculptor (teacher) and fictionengineer (game writer).  Committed to using the power of computer games for Good instead of Evil.

  • peter courtney

    About me: I am relatively new to this game, but have found myself with the mantle of technology person. I have done a great job at faking that I know what I am doing and enjoy playing around...

  • Sara Bryan

    Interests: board games

  • Jody

    Interests: strategy games/board games