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  • Why every kid needs an iPad

    Not quite sure yet how this blog thing works on the VLN but came across this nice article on why every kid needs an iPad. Never thought of it as a good replacement for a TV but I don't think he's worng. http://www.cultofmac.com/why-every-child-in-america-needs-an-ipad/93887  

  • ehui at taradale high

    PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!! yumyum at taradale high we were discussing the whole video classes thing thats when i discovered that my uniform is better!!! hehe :)

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  • How to create an eBook using Pages

    You do the same thing on a PC with Word but upload it to http://www.2epub.com/ to convert to ePub format. With an ePub all the photos and videos become clickable and every word when pressed is findable in the dictionary and you can make margin notes about what you are reading.

  • Karen Porritt

    Karen teaches a Year 3/4 class at St Andrews School. The children are becoming very independent. They like to problem solve themselves and love teaching others new skills.

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  • AR Flashcards

    When I introduced Augmented Reality to the five year olds they didn't see anything WOW about it at all.  http://moturoa.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/augmented-r...

  • Witnessing History

      The next best thing to being there is when the visual and sounds become immersive. The unique thing about virtual 3D environments is the extra-sensory involvem...

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  • Cyber Smart

    Cyber Smart

    As a school we are navigating the path of teaching our students how to be smart on the internet in our recently added LMS.  Thought I'd add resources and ideas as we go and things we've learnt.  Would love it if you shared your experiences too.

  • AOK-Teachers


    We are teachers who love being teachers and want to be a part of the e-learning world.  We want to make contact with positve and inspired teachers who are making a difference.  Our classrooms focused on having fu...

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  • willow

    I'm currently a classroom teacher of Year 5 & 6 children and the school ICT Lead Teacher for Sunset Primary School in Rotorua

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