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  • How to create an eBook using Pages

    You do the same thing on a PC with Word but upload it to http://www.2epub.com/ to convert to ePub format. With an ePub all the photos and videos become clickable and every word when pressed is findable in the dictionary and you can make margin notes about what you are reading.

  • Karen Porritt

    Karen teaches a Year 3/4 class at St Andrews School. The children are becoming very independent. They like to problem solve themselves and love teaching others new skills.

  • Student reflections

    When we're on the iPads we are really quiet because we are concentrating and we don't want to get taken off them. I love the handwriting apps because its fun to not always use pencil and they show us how to correctly write a letter.

  • The Cove with critical response sheet

    Because in the standard there was a requirement to frame an inquiry, in the ENs, I thought there needed to be evidence this had been done and thought a sheet such as this would let them also gather their thoughts about the primary and critical texts before they produced the final thing. 

  • Little Legends Storybuilder

    A free story builder app on iTunes. We were keen to create a format that took kids through t...r what skill level, your stories still flow and make sense. Add uniquely NZ feel and we love...

  • Netsafe Kit - Just landed!

    The Netsafe Kit has just been launched and offers educators a 'self - serve' model o...ks and opportunities.   Check it out here: Netsafe Kit  We'd love...