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  • Erin Sawyer

    I am currently teaching Year 8-10 at Hamilton Junior High School and am in the Acting Assistant Principal role. I use online tools in all areas of my practice and I am passionate about engaging my learners to be future focused and self-directed. I am interested in developing teacher competencies ...

    Tags: elearning, appraisal, eportfolios, professional eportfolios, prt, teaching as inquiry, future focused learning, MLE

  • Educamp Rotorua Google Presentation

    Shared Presentation

    Tags: educamp, educamp rotorua, educamp rotovegas, 2014, connectedrotorua, eteachers, future focused learning, digital technologies, blended elearning, mokoia intermediate

  • Becksnewton

    Tags: eLearning, future focused learning, walking, reading, cooking, time with friends and family

  • S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environments

    S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environments

    In 1999, Sugata Mitra's pioneering “Hole in the Wall” experiments helped bring the potential of self-organized learning to the public's attention. Fourteen years of research since then continue to support his startling results — groups of children, with access to the Internet, can learn almost an...

    Tags: S.O.L.E., SOLE, Modern Learning Environments, Future Focused Learning

  • amandao

    I am team teaching in a MLE (minus the modern, add in the pedagogy) with 50 amazing Yr 3/4 students. I am passionate about Student Agency and Future Focused Learning.  

    Tags: Literacy, GAFE, Student Agency, Future Focused Learning, Flexible Learning Spaces

  • Urs Cunningham

    Scouser, teacher, learner, dreamer. 

    Tags: Future focused learning, modern learning environments, personalised learning, Liverpool's premiership prospects.