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  • Check out Pounamu, an online game for NZ’ers running on 6-7 June, focused on NZ’s future. http://macdiarmid.ac.nz/pounamu.

  • Great presentation in terms of social networking and e-learning can be found @ http://www.slideshare.net/janehart/the-future-of-elearning-is-social-learnng

  • Isn't it exciting when the future is uncertain.......as long as you focus on the positive and the possibilities!

  • Discussing future options for cluster development

  • An interesting read on how Our future depends on participation through internet connectivity @ http://fizurl.com/connectivity

  • Just wondering what the future of education could look like? http://bit.ly/ycR3ak My t-shirt slogan would read...

  • @karenmelhuish Thank you Karen. Informative and helpful in getting to grips with the VLN. I encourage others to attend future sessions.

  • Have you seen the future for learning?>>Future-oriented learning and teaching in NZ | NZCER report http://bit.ly/Pw6YXn - Enabling eLearning

  • Consider the future at Joy of science - What if you car could power your house? http://bit.ly/SLsgUM how tv ads can inspire a lesson plan.

  • Weekend reading? Supporting future-oriented learning & teaching - a NZ perspective http://goo.gl/ofwhK