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  • Checking out the VLN. Finding my way around and making Friends.......

  • Hey I made it. Phew! Age is definitely showing through. Would love to be friends to any this group...

  • As we start out building our community, it's easy to find like-minded friends when cluster groups have full details - like the Tauranga Moana cluster. http://ww

  • A month to go for #EducampWelly - http://educampwelly.wikispaces.com/ Why not mention to 3 of your friends?

  • @tessa.gray - Now you are just being a teen collecting "friends"! Tee hee!

  • @AllanahK Maybe the message board could have a dropdown selection, public, friends etc

  • now to go find some friends

  • hey this finding friends business on VLN is pretty darn easy LOL

  • It would be nice if there was a friends chat feature on the VLN. Is that do-able?

  • just making contacts with my new friends, and learning what comes with VLN and the resources we can use.