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  • FREE: Digital planners webinar @ Thurs, 3.45pm /event_calendar/view/948380/live-webinar-digital-teaching-planners

  • Join us in the Building reflective practice for leaders free webinar today. Details and weblink http://bit.ly/LzB08D

  • You're not going to want to miss this: FREE online Webinar: 'Building reflective practice' with Greg Carroll 30th May. http://bit.ly/LmJm2E

  • Yay, I have finally completed the BYOD survey, though I am surprised at the results, see my thread for more information

  • Can't wait for the FREE online Digital citizenship webinar in 20 minutes http://bit.ly/LgVc3P

  • If you haven't yet had your say about video conferences with Te Papa, complete the survey now. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VCswithTePapa

  • Join the free e-portfolios in the classroom webinar today 3:30-4:40. Login at http://bit.ly/LgVc3P. Details http://bit.ly/LUy1IY.

  • We're looking for your feedback. Please take some time to complete the Enabling e-Learning survey http://bit.ly/eelsurvey

  • You're not going to want to miss this one...FREE ONLINE WEBINAR: Digital Learning Spaces: what do they look like? (T4) http://bit.ly/PMZxtK

  • Join us for a free webinar this afternoon at 3:45pm - Digital teacher planners. Register at http://bit.ly/1RPjUWg