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  • Jeremy Olson

    About me: ...with the general population Examining the effectiveness of strategies used to manage life events in rehabilitation settings Developing a hands-free harmonica program specificall...

  • Tim Carson

    About me: ...t at covering my mistakes as well as others as a piano accompanist. I have worked in a variety of schools in the UK and NZ, often moonlighting as a freelance funeral organist. I love...

  • Mamun Khan

    About me: Mamun Khan is a Business Article Writer at Fzillion, Mamun covers brands, advertising and ad technology. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Political Science & Economics, he previously worked at the Elance as a freelance writer!

  • Renee Strawbridge

    About me: ...here I live. Music is a big part of who I am both at school and in my personal life. I released an album in 2014. Feel free to search out my music. You can download some of it free here: https://soundcloud.com/...