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  • Jeremy Olson

    About me: ...ded Imagery Exposure" aimed at increasing movement and sensation and/or reducing pain and spasms after spinal cord injury. Check out my findings at www.increasingcontrol.com...



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  • I wish the MOE would fund a Teaching as Inquiry findings database or something like that! http://hamishonictsineducation.blogspot.co.nz/

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  • Learning with digital technologies

    In this forum, we look closer at the present key findings on how NZ schools manage access to, and the use of, digital technologies as a medium for curriculum delivery and student learning and invite your feedback about these developments as well.


  • Science in the classroom

    ...ments using our senses, and we have been formulating questions. I want to share with you a few of our pics and some examples of how we record our findings. Some experiments we have exp...


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  • The digital divide: what is our moral imperative?

    As educators we’re often thinking about the strategic, logistical and pedagogical influences and impact of digital technologies on our learners, after all, An active and empowered citizen in a digital age is able to participate in digital environments (Starkey et al., 2017). Understanding c...

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