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  • 31st of August - Stoke School

    Agenda:   De-Brief Kids Can Film Festival Genius Cafe Curriculum Link Nelson 2011 (Plan - how to do it again next year?) Developing your AUP Sharing time Linking th...

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  • Planning Meeting 1 - 2011 Term 1

    What do you need to achieve?Film Festival - Term 2Sponsorship Invite sc...nui SchoolWhat could you do?Film Festival CampParent involvementCelebri...prizes/inspire the start of the festival - Rhys Darby!  (Skype)Ro...ch School & next year's film festivalInvite the a group from the sc...

  • Innovation and Financial Capability

    ...ing experiences were all integrated into existing learning areas and programmes. The Upper Harbour Sorted Schools held their inaugural Finance Festival at Massey University in 2015....

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  • ScienceTeller 2013

    The second ScienceTeller Festival will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand, 25-27 October 2013. ScienceTeller...icated to documentary filmmaking, writing and other creative media. The festival program combines public scree...


  • Kai Festival

    4,000 visitors in four hours attending our annual Kai Festival to purchase kai grown at school over the Summer by students. Harvested in March and then added value to by creating innov...



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  • Flick-It-On


    Kids Can Film Festival is a project that was developed by Lead & Support E-Learning Teachers from the Whakatu Cluster in Nelson, New Zealand. The project is aimed at encour...

  • Kid Can Film Festival

    Kid Can Film Festival

     Click here to find  Kids Can Film Festival  


  • Planning Meeting 1 - 2011 Term 1

    What do you need to achieve?Film Festival - Term 2Sponsorship Invite schools from the Link Learning ClusterInvite all schools from Whakatu ClusterImprove the model from last yearPublicity - teachers/local/national (before and during the event)Include teachers asapEmotive photography - develop fur...

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