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  • Mike Buckham

    In a previous life I worked in retail and then IT sales and support. Now I facilitate learning in English, Social Science & Life.

    Tags: Medieval re-enactment/archery, books, film, poetry, all things geek, and most recently, fly-fishing.

  • LukeNola

    A recognized expert in the creative worlds of young people, Luke fundamentally believes in the power of imagination and learning by doing. After uneventful school years, recorded in a series of average school reports, Luke emerged as an artist, designer, writer, art director, creative director, a...

    Tags: Science, technology, writing, film, TV, cartoons, explosions.

  • MACMegan

    Tags: Travel, language, film, literature, art

  • Kids Can Film Festival

    Tags: Film

  • Margaux Hlavac

    I teach English at Cashmere High School and am the dean of our year 12 cohort of about 330 students. This year I am teaching English to our first BYOD year 9 class of 29 students, and also have a year 12 and a year 13 class. I am very keen to become a more fluent and fluid user and facilitator of...

    Tags: Literature, Film, Te Reo, diversity.