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  • Kia ora All... Trying to make a assessment checklist around using ict tools.any1 have a template already done who wanna share??? lev me a ms

  • Curriculum Integration Project: a trial of cross curricular learning and assessment. http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.com/

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    This article was published in the Education Gazette In early August this year, the US...t in Ohio, teachers are kept accountable for every part of their learning and assessment programme and this stifles th...

  • ICTs Supporting Key Competencies

    About UsWaihi Schools Cluster is comprised o...It:We used the ICT PD Cluster Self-Assessment Rubric to get an understandin...sult: The ICT PD Cluster Self-Assessment Rubric proved to be very usef...again using the ICT PD Cluster Self-Assessment Rubric Nat. Goal 1 - Key Comp...

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  • Relationships and Communication

      Focus Ensure regular, effective communication with stakeholders Explanation Communication structures prev...okesperson to ensure consistent information is available to all and to manage external c...

  • Finance/Funding

      Focus Explore existing funding models and draft budgetary requirements. Explanation Draft costs and the i...g sources are contestable and in the long term not sustainable. Regardless of external f...

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Internal assessment resource

    Internal Assessment ResourceSubject Reference: Visual Arts 1.2Internal assessment resource reference number: VisArts/1/2 – C4



  • Online NCEA external assessment is coming - starting with MCAT

    NZQA have announced that they want to phase out pencil and paper external assessments across the board, and they are starting with a pilot "e-MCAT" this year in some schools. Check out this blog post for full details and links to the original announcements. Online external assessment is coming...

    Tags: maths, external assessment, online assessment, MCAT, algebra, NZQA, assessment