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  • lindabrown

    About me: Full time teacher without a class.  I teach te reo to whole school and run a gifted arts programme.  Do extension and remedial maths and language programmes in both junior and senior s...

  • Julie Beattie

    About me: ...g in depth with schools to build leadership and teaching capability that results in improved student achievement. I see my new role in CPL as an extension of this.

  • Michelle Morriss

    About me: ...needs. Due to the large number of special needs students I have set up a new way of managing and liasing with all the T/A's.  I am setting up an Extension and Enrichment Programme and...

  • Patsy Hindson

    About me: I am a year 7 teacher at an Intermediate School. As Curriculum lead teacher in Science I also work with year 8 extension groups and lunchtime Science groups. I love the world of Science and I love seeing others enjoy learning about the world around them too. 

  • Daniel Greenwood

    About me: ...College, & KDEC's Transition department. General Aims of e-Learning Leader: To create, adapt and provide curriculum support and extension ICT for Deaf and Hearing impa...