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    National Association of Secondary Deputy and Assistant Principals. This group is for APs and DPs who participated in the NASDAP study tour to discuss, record and share their experiences.

  • Tauranga Moana

    Tauranga Moana

    ...Moana ICTPD Cluster envisages information and communication technology (ICT) as a tool that will extend learning opportunities, deepen learning experiences, and enrich learning pathways...

  • Baradene/St Peters College  ICT PD Cluster

    Baradene/St Peters College ICT PD Cluster

    ...ge and St. Peter's College have combined forces to ensure their students are able to access and incorporate ICT in as many of their educational experiences as possible. The teachers at...

  • Cyber Smart

    Cyber Smart

    As a school we are navigating the path of teaching our students how to be smart on the internet in our recently added LMS.  Thought I'd add resources and ideas as we go and things we've learnt.  Would love it if you shared your experiences too.

  • Whangarei eLearning Cluster

    Whangarei eLearning Cluster

    For the Whangarei eLearning ICT Contract cluster to share their experiences, reflections, and other stuff.

  • St Ignatius

    St Ignatius

    ...h with respect and integrity, growing self responsibility and valuing each other. As independent, motivated learners we will actively engage in experiences that ensure self-reflection,...

  • Leading The Authentic Learning

    Leading The Authentic Learning

    Fellow leaders of learning (yes all of you) Join our discussions and share your practical ideas for authentic learning contexts that focus on hands-on leadership utilizing real-life meaningful and purposeful experiences.

  • ECE Identity, Language, Culture and Community Engagement - Kaikohekohe

    ECE Identity, Language, Culture and Community Engagement - Kaikohekohe

    ...ions about Identity, Language, Culture and Community Engagement. We want to: Raise the awareness of ECE participating centres knowledge and experiences of Identity, language and eng...

  • NAPP 2013 Mid-Canterbury-Otago-Southland

    NAPP 2013 Mid-Canterbury-Otago-Southland

    ...inquiry.- What were the learning needs? What was the inquiry question? the methods you used to lead others in a cycle of change –What learning experiences did you and your team design...

  • Ako-e


    ...ealand and the wider world from the school or home; the learner and community to learn together; the learner to have varied experiences, and experiences beyond the school and home. ...