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  • Please share your experiences for uploading ICT PD reflective summaries online, so we can revise for next time http://fizurl.com/survey

  • Todays Webinar on BYOD was standing room only - a high paced and informative look at 3 very different experiences.

  • AWESOME day @ Whg Primary today - QR Code Treasure Hunt created by senior class 4 juniors. All went well with lots of learning experiences!

  • Lynne Laburn focuses is on how to use the e-learning tools for deeper and more meaningful learning experiences. http://bit.ly/STdVau

  • Love seeing all these inspiring teachers online tonight in the VLN - surfing for ideas and sharing their experiences.

  • Busy thread: How many tools do you use and how do you decide? http://bit.ly/LZLbtx > add your experiences to the mix?

  • I have done quite a bit of work on SCORM based assessment. I would like to exchange experiences and learn from others. Anyone interested?

  • Are there any Auck teachers currently working 1-1 with iPads in their class? A Whg teacher wanting 2 share experiences...

  • Don't forget to add your experiences with engaging parents using blogs and wiki to /discussion/view/786568 -Thanks!

  • What are your thoughts & experiences: Principals, Schools and Communities Held to Ransom over access to eLearning http://bit.ly/NAw8rZ