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  • Rachel Whalley

    About me: ...ave previously worked with Core Education as a facilitator and mentor in the VPLD programme, and ePrincipal of TaraNet Secondary Cluster.  My experiences with elearning stem back to...

  • Judy Matthew

    About me: ...tional Arts Coordinators - dance, drama, music and the visual arts websites and the Secondary Schools Arts Coordinators project; LEOTC (Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom); EHSA...

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  • Just been reading the Mobile Learning Experience 2011 Blog. Great resources and ideas. http://mobile2011blog.posterous.com/

  • Sitting in the VLN PD with TESSA.... Be a good experience even though its in the holidays. So heaps of note taking, and thanks tessa

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  • Holy ProBot Batman

    ...heir LMS Ultranet. The workshop was set up, with a mix of face to face and online learning activities, by the facilitator, so that the learning experience could be used as a possible m...

  • Virtual Field Trips

    ...h limitations, they still offer a principle core group experience that is both engaging and revelatory. When one experiences among a group in a virt...he seed of an idea that can revolutionize the depth of experience one can now share through ima...

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  • Learning through games

    Learning through games

    ...cal-thinking skills kids often develop playing other forms of video games but in an education context. The goal is typically is to help students experience school subjects as an engagin...

  • Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

    Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

    ...d and access our resources -including but not limited to digtial ones- to integrate into your curriculum and enrich your and your peers learning experience. We also want to enable you t...

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