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  • Paul Sibson

    I am principal of Fendalton Open-air School in Christchurch. I am passionate about using technology in schools to aid, develop and create learning. Finding ways to make sharing learning simple for teachers is a particular interest of mine. 

    Skills: Leadership, Web design, Web development, wordpress, php, javascript, html, css, excel

  • Eratosthenes Sieve

    This is an Excel file which is used to display Eratosthenes' Sieve on a projector.  Use the Format Painter to change the colour of the appropriate cells to demonstrate how the sieve works. If you double-click the Format Painter button on the toolbar, it "latches" on, until you click the but...

    Tags: prime, factor, multiple, number, eratosthenes, excel

  • jeeradate kaowkanchana

    Retired Engineer love to teach and share knowledge

    Skills: Excel, VBA, Java for Android, Web programming, PHP, Production Planning, SAP