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  • elearning leadership - swimming out of our depth, Leading learning in 21st century schools - nzcer report

    Tags: nzcer, leadership, competencies, environment, shift, change, leaders

  • Swimming out of our depth? Leading learning in 21st century schools - nzcer report

    This paper reports preliminary findings from NZCER research designed to explore the following questions: How difficult is it for teachers acculturated in 20th century ways of thinking about education and its purpose, to "shift their paradigm"? Do today’s teachers have the dispositions a...

    Tags: nzcer, leadership, competencies, environment, shift, change, leaders, paper

  • Crowd Sourced Context Data Examples

    Please add any ideas or resources you have https://docs.google.com/a/core-ed.ac.nz/document/d/1bFXGrEOWEVKeEBSlP0TrbXPc-In0WtZNZmf_VpZ2SxI/edit

    Tags: school culture, perception data, curriculum, environment

  • Can you help?

    [Posted on behalf] There's been a request >>>> Please give your feedback: primary-level resources for teaching about animals, food and the environment Are you a teacher of years 1 - 10 and interested in exploring any of the following topics with your students? - Animal ...

    Tags: survey, primary, resources, animals, food, environment

  • Kick the Can - Over the Back Fence Update

    Thanks to Geoff Woods from Rosmini College for his update on the activities of the Over the Back Fence Project. Twelve of the fourteen schools that indicated their involvement in OtBF this year are now on line. We are also working with another 6 sites on related projects. We figure that we...

    Tags: Rosmini College, Geoff Woods, OTBF, Kick the can, collaboration, projects, skype in the classroom, video conferencing, online learning, skype, health, environment

  • Sue Rogers

    I have been Senior Primary Leader at Karamea Area School (end of the road north west coast of south island), set up and facilitated ILP and E for Years 0 to 6. Introduced Growth Mindset, Solo, Learning pit, Critical thinking through student voice and inquiry learning to a very traditional and con...

    Tags: Community, environment, sustainability, family, pets and friends.

  • Rāranga tuku iho, tohatoha whiwhi ōrite - dual heritage, shared future

    This bilingual field trip, based in Te Tai Tokerau Northland will take you back in time to the arrival of Polynesians in Ipipiri/Bay of Islands, investigating their archaeological remains and exploring the way of life of our earliest explorers; then the arrival of Europeans and an exploration of ...

    Tags: cultures, ecology, environment, explorers, heritage, identity, migration, people in the past, perspectives, rongoā māori, taonga, traditions, viewpoints

  • Candy Hart

    I am a passionate teacher at Maeroa Intermediate.  At present I am in a Blended Learning Course.  I would like to share my experiences with other teachers and share ideas.

    Tags: Hockey, Learning, Environment