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  • How are we engaging all learners? Ideas and examples

      Tody's webinar (25 July 2012) was facilitated by Karen Melhuish (Enbling eLearning), and focussed on ways that we are engaging learners. The first thing the group did was reflected on a time when participants felt there were learning effectively. Some of the ideas included: context ch...

    Tags: "cultural responsiveness", "cultural appropriacy", Pasifika, Maori, engagement, empowerment, design, truancy, relationships

  • The camera in your pocket - using video in teaching and learning.

    Last week I had the chance, in a team meeting, to listen to my colleague Liz Stevenson as she shared her experience of walking alongside Te Kura o Kutarere, where they have been using a free digital tool called Storybird to support their work in literacy. &nb...

    Tags: engagement, video

  • Great start to the Group

    I love the fact that we are starting to talk about gamification! Minecraft is an amazing tool that has high engagement with our learners. All I have to do is walk into a class and mention Minecraft and I can destroy that teacher's plans for the next hour. My own kids love it and one of my twins ...

    Tags: gamification, collaboration, engagement

  • Music Education for the Classroom Teacher

    Why music education? UCLA professor James Catterall led an analysis of a U.S. Department of Education database. Called NELLs88, the database was used to track more than 25,000 students over a period of 10 years. Catterall conducted a study and found that regardless of socioeconomic background, mu...

    Tags: achievement, music, literacy, numeracy, engagement, cultural practices