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  • Enabling e-Learning goes live!

    Welcome to Enabling e-Learning, the Ministry of Education’s new online ‘hub’ for ICT-related education resources and programmes in New Zealand. Enabling e-Learning brings together everything that school leaders and teachers need to improve their e-learning practice, in one easy-...

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  • Sign up for weekly e-learning digests

    Every week, the Enabling e-Learning team publishes a short digest, via our blog, that sums up all the discussions/activity related to enhancing learning using technology that is happening around the VLN. What do they look like? Here's the most recent one, from 1 February 2012.   How can ...

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  • An incredible ICT 'help desk'

    Where would you go if you had an ICT question? Your school techie? Lead teacher? e-Learning buddy? What if you could get fast feedback, ideas or support - beyond your school? In fact, what if I told you over 7,000 teachers, school leaders and educators have now joined the VLN? Now, imagine the &l...

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  • Haere mai! Afio mai! Welcome!

    Haere mai! Afio mai and welcome back to the Enabling e-Learning community. As we start the new year, we're in the planning stages of putting something special together, for Enabling e-Learning in 2013. But before we do that, we'd love to hear more from you.... Please see below...YOUR INPUT IS N...

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  • Thank you everyone!

      Enabling e-Learning community has recently turned one! As we celebrate this milestone, we also need to acknowledge the special people who have helped make this community this success it is today.   We’d like to officially thank the following guest mentors who have generousl...

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  • What's on top in e-learning this week?

    Don't miss this week's forum discussions across the Enabling e-Learning groups:    NEW: Why Twitter? What if you could do PD in your PJs? There is a lively discussion on why and how educators are using twitter for their own professional learning.  CURRE...

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  • Day 5's wero/challenge

    Here's the last one folks and it's the ultimate challenge to end them all! Today's wero/challenge is >>> Day 5: Read, reflect and respond (leave a comment or query) in a discussion thread of your choice. Note: You will need to join a group before you can leave a comment. There ...

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  • Congratulations to our 5 Day Challenge winners

    Congratulations to everyone who dived into our 5 Day Challenge and became Challenge Winners. Wear your community badges with pride! Day 5 poll 11 votes Day 4 poll 15 votes Day 3 poll 23 votes Day 2 poll 25 votes Day 1 poll 28 votes Several of you have now updated your profi...

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  • Where are we in the VLN?

    We’ve been talking a lot about Personalising learning for students lately on the VLN, and I’ve recently shared some ideas about Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule during ULearn14 in the presentation below. Judging from the following Google Analytics...

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  • What have we been talking about?

    It’s been a busy year and you have all had (e-learning) things on your mind. Each time we connected with each other online, we collated these conversations for you in the Enabling e-Learning blog. We ran several virtual workshops throughout the year where over 600 community members...

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