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  • RawiriMckinney

    About me: ...pilot, 100% pass rate and students blown away by the experience. Limited spaces 2010. Register on the site and do the start-up activities if keen. Email me if you would like any more...

  • Christie Stephenson

    About me: I am interested in Psychology, If you have any useful or interesting information on the topic of Psychology please contact me on my email address, thankyou (:

  • Margaret Miller

    About me: ...n do for the staff at SPC is to empower them to use technology to their advantage, from a professional looking PowerPoint presentation, to sending emails via our SMS, from ways to cr...

  • Natalie

    About me: I am a year 5/6 teacher at Marian Catholic School in Hamilton.  I am also the Director of Religious Studies.  If you want any resources just sent me an email at nsteens@marian.school.nz