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  • Video conferencing in distance learning: A New Zealand schools' perspective.

    Roberts, R. (2009). Video conferencing in distance learning: A New Zealand schools' perspective. Journal of Distance Education, 13(1),91-107. Abstract: This article sets outs to trace the development of video conferencing in distance learning in the New Zealand secondary school sector. It b...

    Tags: vc, elearning, online learning, vln

  • From Teletubbies to Teleteacher

    Walsh-Pasco, L. (2005) From teletubbies to teleteacher: Effective practices in video conference teaching. Ministry of Education 2004 eFellow report.

    Tags: elearning, teaching, online professional reflection, online learning, vc, vln

  • Students Experiences of Learning in Virtual Classrooms (2008-2009)

    This project researched students' experiences of learning in virtual classrooms (VC). Virtual classrooms were established to enable secondary schools in New Zealand (particularly those in rural and remote areas, and small schools) to overcome issues of distance and resourcing which might otherwis...

    Tags: vc, elearning, vln, online learning, virtual learning,

  • Resources

    VLN Community Resource Links: A clearinghouse area for VLNC resource collections. Click on the links below to access. You can also contribute by uploading individual resources to the VLN group resources or LCO Handbook (where relevant)    Publications about the VLNC a...

    Tags: research, readings, vln, elearning, online learning

  • An interview with Ken Pullar: Director of OtagoNet

    Computers In New Zealand Schools Vol 22 No 3 (2010) The use of videoconferencing is increasingly common both within New Zealand and overseas. In order to gain an insight into how one group using videoconferencing works, Fiona Stuart interviewed Ken Pullar, ePrincipal of OtagoNet in December 2010...

    Tags: vc, elearning, online learning, vln,

  • Leading the integration of e-Learning

    National Goal: principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational) Cluster Goals: Develop leadership and leadership capability within the schools and cluster Developing Principal professional growth and strategic leadership for change Develop ...

    Tags: leadership, change, elearning

  • DEANZ Newsletter November 2010

    DEANZ Newsletter November 2010 (pg 5 - 6) In this newsletter, Niki Davis reports on forum discussion thread on the Virtual Learning Network. "How far do you think we still have to go in recognising the acceptability of such teaching and learning in schools?"

    Tags: vln, elearning, online learning, virtual learning, distance learning, pedagogies,

  • CantaNet Organisational Review

    This is crossposted from Darren's blog. Darren has undertaken an institutional review of the CantaNet elearning cluster and includes lots of feedback from his cluster schools. His findings and presentation are very relevant and applicable to all elearning clusters. There is a lot of detail here o...

    Tags: cantanet, vlnc, elearning

  • Shar-E-fest 11

    shar-E-fest is designed to be an ongoing forum where those engaged in e-activities can share their innovations and experiences.

    Tags: elearning, professional learning, conference

  • Teaching and eLearning

    National Goal 3 Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all The focus Cluster Goal 3 Teachers and students use ICTs capably, creatively and considerately within authentic learning experiences resulting in h...

    tag_names:subjects: teaching and learning, elearning, leadership, scaffolding, manawatu digi awards, key competencies, teaching as inquiry