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  • The Enabling eLearning Group and the iPad group both have 620 member. Who will be the tie breaker??? LOL

  • Sadly no but I am sending him an iPad-y type present to congratulate him. Setting a precedent for the eLearning group. ;-)

  • Find out when your school is getting ultra-fast broadband. Use the MoE's new tool http://ufbis.elearning.tki.org.nz/

  • Embrace the inevitable: 200,000+ reasons to get up to speed with eLearning http://bit.ly/15eoRRz

  • Ever feel like you've been sidetracked with e-learning? Then check this out... http://www.scribd.com/doc/3222398/701-eLearning-Tips

  • If n e 1 can frwrd ths link 2 staff b gr8fl. Its anon online form askng their elearning journey http://form.jotform.co/form/22615854582863

  • I am looking for a brief TedTalks vid, to put into a Prezi presentation, aimed at parents about eLearning and the benefits of BYOD. Ideas???

  • Video: 10 Things That Make eLearning Work: http://ning.it/12SCnsT

  • Video: Collaborating by Design: Encouraging learners to engage, with eLearning http://bit.ly/19nwF5D

  • What are your thoughts & experiences: Principals, Schools and Communities Held to Ransom over access to eLearning http://bit.ly/NAw8rZ