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  • The latest Enabling e-Learning newsletter has just been sent out. You can view it online at http://www.elearning.tki.org.nz/Newsletter

  • Awesome to see Auckland Museum getting into the vln - Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

  • Look out for upcoming e-learning events for Term 1 @ /pg/blog/read/310946/enabling-elearning-events-term-1

  • Ready to learn in the online pd with Karen M.. enabling elearning

  • Don't miss out on the next FREE e-learning webinar @ http://www.elearning.tki.org.nz/News/Enabling-e-Learning-webinars

  • The Enabling eLearning newsletter just up! Loads of new video stories, LEARNZ updates and professional learning events | http://ow.ly/vmZtg

  • Did you know Enabling e-Learning has a Facebook page? You can like the page here: https://www.facebook.com/Enabling.eLearning

  • Have you seen the future for learning?>>Future-oriented learning and teaching in NZ | NZCER report http://bit.ly/Pw6YXn - Enabling eLearning

  • First time Principal embraces Blended eLearning http://www.edgazette.govt.nz/Articles/Article.aspx?ArticleId=8649

  • Take a look at the eLearning-Teaching Group for good examples of students' eLearning. I've posted about the InspireNet Manawatu Digi Awards