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  • @karenmelhuish Yes in my home, feel like I never leave LOL!

  • Morning, all! If you feel a bit new here, or your profile is a bit 'grey', pop into 'Getting started on the VLN' http://bit.ly/fPOTAd

  • @tessa.gray Thanks- my Skype is AllanahK. I still need help as I feel I'm floundering a bit. The VLN is quite Ning like but trickier- or is

  • writing milestones and variation .. findin it hard as we are still doing similar stuff frm last reports n feels like im repeating... any ???

  • I have added a resource page to my Edublog http://allanahk.edublogs.org/resources/ Feel free to use and learn.

  • Ever feel like you've missed out on an important conversation, can't find where its gone? Try this: /discussion/all

  • Kia ora yes I have been reading through only half the post so far and I feel compelled to add. I agree with you Alistair about the changing

  • Feeling grateful for Karen M's help :-)

  • "You know you're in the art project too much when you feel an emotion, and the first thing you think is "I'll blog about it!!" :P"

  • Check out the Passionfruit Magazine website: http://www.passionfruitmagazine.co.nz/ I'm feeling pretty proud of my students right now!