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  • Christian,wife/mother,educator, e-learning enthusiast, encourager,mountain climber, musician, cyclist, tramper, traveler.

  • Google Educator exams. I am want to find people to join my group "Google Educator" so we can ask questions, support each other. I need help

  • I am now in Switzerland -visiting the Goldau Project and made contact with an educator using wind to generate electricity for his class use

  • Check out the latest Connected Educator Month newsletter http://bit.ly/1pkpfWJ. Find out how you can participate in this free PD.

  • Seen this? >> $5000 Travel Scholarship to attend an international educational event & any NZ educator can apply. Deadline: 10Jan13

  • Grow our #cenz14 home in the VLN: Connected Educator Month 2014 http://ow.ly/B0xIk. Join now to take part in October's events:)

  • 300+ online events to choose from this October! Tūmeke:) >> Calendar | Connected Educator Month 2014 http://ow.ly/BQmjg #cenz14 #ce14

  • Haere mai, afio mai, welcome to all those who are joining the Connected Educator Month group in the VLN! :) http://bit.ly/VLNinCEM #cenz14

  • Getting ready for Connected Educator Launch week - how about you? http://connectededucator.org.nz/launch-week-events/

  • What to hear other educator's e-learning tips/tricks/experiences? Why not register to attend our unconference webinar? http://bit.ly/1ka0BMH