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  • CONGRATULATIONS to the organisers of the Whangarei eLearning Cluster Vision Day! Great keynote speaker - Andrew Churches - great breakouts!

  • In the process of inviting as many people to join the eLearning: Leadership as we can find. Open to all: http://www.vln.sc

  • Beautiful morning here in Wellington. About to continue developing the 'eLearning in NZ Schools' groups here on the VLN. Found them yet?

  • I have just added a load of #elearning tools to my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dakinane/106998656024820

  • What would you want to find on an eLearning website for NZ schools? Tell us here: /pg/pages/view/56098/

  • Leading elearning: 7 leaders have submitted 7 questions and cast 28 votes but what do you think? http://bit.ly/lboF5y

  • Thanks to everyone who has added their thoughts about an eLearning website so far. Keep those thoughts coming! http://bit.ly/lNAt0j

  • Join the eLearning:Technology group & add your thoughts to discussion: Is your school set up for a Google generation? http://bit.ly/krHjj9

  • Have you shared what's on top for you with elearning & teaching yet? 140 characters or fewer >> http://bit.ly/mR4OLA. Clear themes emerging.

  • Have you voted yet?! | eLearning: Leaders are voting for and sharing their key issues: /mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=55213&group_