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  • Online classes start this week!

    Our first online classes for the year are scheduled to start this week! We still have a few spaces in each of these classes - French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Te Reo and Astronomy. If you have just one or two students (maybe 3) interested in joining any of these classes please contact me asap ...

    Tags: online classes, elearning, languages, astronomy, vln primary

  • eTeacher Professional Learning Resource

    Image Attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gforsythe/5552385806/ This resource was created to provide professional readings and practical ideas for eteachers.

    Tags: professional learning, elearning, eteaching, resource, reading, vlnc

  • New Classes Starting Soon!

    We are getting ready to start two new classes with the VLN Primary and are seeking enrollments now! Extension MathsFocus on problem solving & number strategies. (programme planning here)Students must be working at level 4+ (Early -stages of AP) to join this class.Teacher David Jackson - Pahi...

    Tags: online learning, elearning, maths, chinese, mandarin, vln primary

  • Hidden Gems in the VLNC

    I came across this amongst Eddie's collection of Press Releases. I must admit i haven't been following these all that closely as i get tired of the continual political spin in the media over UFB. But here lies a hidden gem - and how many other hidden gems are there out in the VLN Communities? Ple...

    Tags: elearning, research, article, media, news

  • 701 E_Learning Tips

    701 e-Learning Tips

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, 2012, elearning

  • "Future-oriented learning and teaching" report now online

    Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching - a New Zealand perspective "This research project draws together findings from new data and more than 10 years of research on current practice and futures-thinking in education. The report discusses some emerging principles for future learning,...

    Tags: research, elearning, publication, nzcer

  • DEANZ 2012: The eLearning Planning Framework in action

    Karen Melhuish kicked off the session by introducing some discussion and thinking about eLearning and what the various terminology might mean. "eLearning is learning and teaching that is facilitated by or supported through the appropriate use of ICTs", and eMaturity is "a school or c...

    Tags: elearning, planning, e-learning planning framework

  • Extending Learning Online - Sharing the Story

    Take the opportunity to share with your wider community about what our learners are experiencing with their online learning. Online learning can often be invisible to those who aren't directly participating and therefore goes unrecognised, marginalised and under resourced. A growing awareness fro...

    Tags: elearning, vln primary, newspaper, press, article, promotion

  • Educators warn of chaos as schools try to adopt new technology

    Our guys speak to their submissions at the Select Committee Inquiry into 21st century learning environments and digital literacy last month. "from Checkpoint on Wednesday 22 August 2012 MPs are being warned children are losing interest in school because their teachers do not...

    Tags: technology, elearning, schools, policy, government, select committee inquiry

  • 2 day hui for all VPLD and Digi Advisor participants who are working with mentors.

    Links are being added to the VPLD group page for you to access before, during and after our Hui. Check them out at the top of the homepage. /groups/profile/48328/vpld/

    Tags: vpld, elearning, professional learning, professional development, pd, vpld, digiadvisor